Tiered seating can be traced back to the ancient Greek amphitheaters which provided sloped seating for its massive audiences. However, this type of seating has been gaining immense popularity in recent years due to its versatility, practicality, comfort, and efficient use of space.

In a school, tiered seating can be used for both outdoor and indoor spaces. This blog will discuss what tiered seating is, why your school needs it, and the benefits your school will enjoy when they install it.

Keep reading to find out more about this type of seating.

Tiered Seating – What Does it Mean?
It refers to multiple rows of seating that are positioned behind each other directly on a sloped tier. Every row is raised by a reasonable height as they move to the back. The objective of tiered seating is to make sure every person gets access to an unimpaired view, including the people in the seats that are furthest from the first row. Tiered seating ensures their view of the happenings is not obstructed by the heads in front of them as they are sitting at a higher position than the preceding row of seating.

Where Can Tiered Seating Be Used in a School?
Schools tend to have a high number of students and staff members. More so, if the school is hosting events, the number of people on the school’s premises increases even further. When your school is hosting numerous students and guests, that is where tiered seating comes in handy.

As mentioned in the introduction, tiered seating can be used both outdoors and indoors. Outdoors, tiered seating for schools can be used in places that generate spectators, such as the sports stadium, showground, school ovals, and parks. Indoors, tiered seating can be used in lecture theatres, classrooms, indoor sports venues, auditoriums, and special events.

Benefits of Tiered Seating
Brisbane tiered seating for schools offers a myriad of benefits. Here are some of the most noteworthy ones:

  • Better sightlines. Easily viewing a particular event with clear sightlines has a significant effect on the experience of the spectators or audience. Tiered seating offers superior sightlines which let your audience view the event from all areas and give them a satisfying experience.
  • Comfort. Tiered seating is available in a wide variety of alternatives and styles – this means that you have the option to choose spacious and comfortable seating to match each venue.
  • Space maximization. Tiered seating offers more seats to accommodate a higher number of spectators to view an event even when in a smaller location.
  • High level of customization. A key advantage of tiered seating is that it can be customised until it suits the venue. You can customise the height, length, seat design, and incremental height levels in-between the rows. Customising tiered seating helps your venue to achieve the set seating arrangements and numbers.
  • Opportunity for advertisement. With tiered seating, you can advertise on the empty seats to display your brand or sponsor when the school is hosting an event with several outside guests expected. Moreover, you can also advertise on the back of the seats to engage with your potential customers.
  • Inclusivity. In auditoriums and classrooms, tiered seating can make sure that all the students have a great vantage point. In turn, this type of seating promotes communication, interaction, and participation among the students and their instructors.
  • Pleasant atmosphere. Many people tend to underestimate the power of a great atmosphere at a particular venue. Fortunately, tiered seating helps to bring a lovely atmosphere to keep your audiences engaged in the event. Tiered seating also gives the venue a professional look.

The Bottom Line
Schools are the best place to install tiered seating due to their high number of students. Brisbane tiered seating for school provides numerous benefits, including space maximization and better sightlines. If you’re looking for tiered seating for hire in Brisbane, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Corporate Stage. They will deliver high-quality tiered seating that meets the needs of your school.