Corporate Stage are all about innovation and using the latest technology to give our clients the best experience possible when it comes to custom staging. 3D modelling is one such technology that we incorporate into our business to help give our clients a more realistic idea of how their stage hire will look.

What is 3D modelling?
3D modelling is performed with specialised computer software to create an object within a 3D virtual space. This type of software is used in many industries for designing products, creating visual displays, branding and concept development.
As 3D modeling software is extremely useful and continues to become a key part of businesses today. We have incorporated Google Sketchup in our concept development process. This is because 3D modelling is a more realistic and professional way to display our stage hire options to our clients.

 How it helps with concept development
Google Sketchup makes concept development easy and is a closer representation of what the final product will look like than if we had drawn it by hand. This also gives the client a realistic representation of our stage hire options within the space where they are looking to install them.
Using 3D modeling in the concept development stage also gives our team a better indication of measurements and where each part of the stage hire is to go on the day of installation. It also allows them to see what the final stage hire installation should look like. 

Translating concept to reality
3D modeling software is a powerful tool that allows the client and our team to clearly visualise where and how a product will be installed. From here we can direct our team to build the designed stage to reflect the 3D model.
Using a 3D model as the guide to building our custom stages saves time for our team and allows the client to have their stage built sooner. This is because the software allows for clear 3D illustrations as well as dimensions that the team can follow more easily.

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