For your next big event, don’t settle for less than functional seating for your guests. Spacing chairs to keep with Covid-19 regulations can minimise the functionality of your event space. Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice space for safety when you choose an event hire that provides the perfect solution. Look no further than Corporate Stage’s tiered seating solutions.

What is Tiered Seating?
Tiered seating maximises floor or stage space for your event and ensures all in attendance have a clear view of all proceedings. Provide distance for your guest’s safety by using the modular system that will fit your specific seating needs. Each module is higher than the last creating three-tiered mobile seating arrangements that can accommodate multiple configurations. This Brisbane tiered seating hire is the best solution for your event needs.

Benefits include:
● 24-hour installation
● Flexible modular system
● Guarantee no damage policy
● Quiet non-slip surface
● Option to save money by utilising your own chairs (or we can provide)
● Flexibility to alter the design on-site for last-minute changes
● Seat up to 2,000 people
● Uninterrupted view

Choosing a tiered seating hire is an excellent solution to the struggle of keeping everyone safe and comfortable so they can enjoy the event. The flexibility and swift set-up are unmatched but any other seating for hire.

Ramps Available in Combination
Ramps are available to rent with tiered seating to make seating accessible for all individuals. With Brisbane equal access ramp hire you will gain access to fully compliant ramp systems that will ensure all guests have an enjoyable experience. No one will be left out when you choose Brisbane tiered seating paired with equal access ramps. Choose a company that will work with you to fit every need and host your best event yet.

Formal Award Nights
Nothing is worse than watching an award ceremony that you can’t see due to seating arrangements. The night can feel like it’s dragging on forever when you aren’t able to enjoy it. With Brisbane tiered seating, everyone will be able to enjoy the excitement of an award night! Using a tiered seating hire will guarantee each of your guests will be able to participate in the evening and with the ability to seat up to 2,000 guests, your award night will go from minimal to maximum all within safety regulations.

If you are considering holding a concert, assure your attendee’s that every instrument and singer can be seen from ANY seat in the event space. The risers prevent the view of the stage from being blocked from all angles. Tiered seating solutions from Corporate Stage Solutions will change the way you present concerts from now on. With seating configurations that are easily movable to accommodate any type of stage, you can’t go wrong with this seating solution hire.

The Perfect Seating Solution During Covid-19
When function centers are closed or limited and you can host the event in-house. If you have a large indoor space or an outdoor venue at your disposal, Corporate Stage Solutions has the tiered seating hire that will make your next event during the pandemic safer and stress-free. You no longer have to use the bulk of your space to accommodate covid-19 restrictions. With tiered seating, minimal use of space is needed, so you can add a dance floor or a stage to create your dream event.

For more information about a Brisbane tiered seating call 07 3890 2220 for a free quote today!

You won’t regret choosing this high-quality service for your next celebration, ceremony, or event!