Wheelchair access or disabled access is a common requirement in todays society but it can often be overlooked when planning an event, especially if you don’t know who your guests will be or perhaps there are just a million other things to organise. However, it is important to include wheelchair or disabled access at your event and we can take the pressure off you by discussing why this provision should be included in all large scale hires.

What is wheelchair access?
Wheelchair or disabled access is a way in which a disabled or mobility restricted individual can safely enter or leave an area such as a stage or platform. This allows them to enter, exit and attend an event without support, just like everyone else.
Legislation for wheelchair and disabled access covers doors, ramps, flooring, toilet facilities and more. Therefore, it is important to consider these things for your event whether you are expecting a disabled individual or not.

Legalities around providing disabled access at events?
According to the Disability Discrimination ACT businesses are required to provide wheelchair or disabled access whether that be at their business premises or an event hosted by the business. This legally ensures that disabled individuals have equal rights to access an event like everyone else.
If you refuse to provide access for disabled individuals you could face penalties to both your wallet and your brand which could damage your business’s reputation. 

Wheelchair access staging solutions
Corporate Stage provides a range of custom staging solutions including wheelchair or disabled access ramps and lift options. We can install a ramp at your event that meets all the required guidelines for wheelchair access or we can provide a motorized wheelchair platform (lift) as part of your custom stage hire.
Our motorized wheelchair platform is excellent if you have limited space at your event or would prefer an alternative solution to using a ramp. It is simple to operate and easy to set up making it the perfect custom staging solution for your mobility impaired guests.

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