Planning an event that will extend over a period of days, weeks, or months is challenging and time-consuming. You have so much to coordinate with limited time, so you don’t want to worry about renewing or extending rental agreements during the event. Your best option is to secure a long-term ramp hire that ensures you have the ramps you need for the duration of the event.

You may also consider a Brisbane disability ramp hire for your personal home under certain circumstances. There are times when someone may need safe, easy access to your home for a short period of time. It doesn’t make sense to renovate your home to make it more accessible if you won’t use those alterations long term.

That’s why Corporate Stage Solutions works so hard to provide long-term ramp hire for businesses and individuals. To help you make the right decision about your ramp hire, consider some of the biggest benefits to partnering with us for Brisbane disability ramp hire.

Meet All Accessibility Laws for Public Spaces
Australia maintains access to premise laws for all public spaces, including those under construction. You may also have other territories, state, or federal guidelines to ensure your event is legally accessible for people in wheelchairs and with other mobility limitations. Creating an accessible event takes a lot of planning, and you don’t want to lose sight of small details that could lead to big fines.

Our long-term ramp hire make it easy to check accessibility off your list of concerns. We work with you to ensure all of your accessibility needs are met, and you can keep your rented ramps for the duration of extended events. You never have to waste time renewing rentals and hoping the equipment you need is still available. Our ramp hires are there for the long term.

Ensure Accessibility for All Guests
Even without laws that require you to keep your events accessible to those with disabilities, you want to make sure every guest has easy, safe access. If your event is difficult or impossible to maneuver in a wheelchair or with a walker, you may lose some paying participants who simply cannot attend without appropriate ramps.

If your event includes a stage or other areas raised from the ground, you have additional concerns. How do you know that some of your speakers may not arrive with limited mobility? Even if you know the speakers personally, you never know when someone is going to suffer an injury and show up with crutches or in a wheelchair.

Our Brisbane ramp hire ensures that every guest can reach your stage without struggle. Raised areas open to all guests should also have a ramp to ensure accessibility and safety for everyone attending.

Reduce the Risk of Accidents and Injuries
Any element of an event that leaves guests vulnerable to falls or other accidents becomes a liability. Whether that liability falls on you or someone else, you want to prevent accidents at all costs. That prevention starts in the planning stages.

Look at every section of your event space and determine where you may need a ramp or other safety feature to minimize risk of injuries. Entrances, exits, and stages are the most common places for disability ramps, but you may have some other areas that are unique to your venue.

Corporate Stage Solutions makes it easy to create safer access points throughout your event. Whether you’re looking for lightweight ramps that are highly portable or you need something secure with a solid foundation, we have the ramps you need to keep your guests safe.

Fast Solutions that Protect Property
Our Brisbane disability ramp rentals are fast to set up. They’re just as easy to take down, and they won’t harm your property while in operation. This makes ramp rental essential when you need to ensure accessibility to an area without permanently altering the premise.

This applies to a wide array of events as well as personal applications in your home or small business. If someone in your office or household needs a ramp to access the property for a short-term injury or illness, it doesn’t make sense to permanently renovate.

If you’re renting event space, you may not have the option to renovate even for long-term events. Our long-term ramp hires allow you to renovate without altering or in any way harming the ground or nearby structures.

It’s also much faster to set up a portable ramp than it is to renovate your home. If you’re in the process of renovation, our Brisbane rental ramps can ensure accessibility to the property while you’re waiting on the construction to complete. You don’t always have time to prepare for a disability that comes with accessibility issues, but you can quickly set up the ramps you need to ensure safety while more permanent ramps are installed.

Long-Term Ramp Hire is Convenient
Perhaps the biggest benefit of securing a Brisbane disability ramp hire for long-term use is the convenience. You don’t have to secure a new rental each time an access or stage ramp is required for an event or your personal home. If you know there is a long-term need for ramps, you can enter one contract to ensure those ramps are available as needed.

For events that run for multiple days or even weeks or months, you need a disability ramp rental company willing and able to rent ramps for a longer period. Small companies with a limited number of disability ramps may not have the number of ramps you need or may only offer short-term rental periods.

That’s where working with Corporate Stage Solutions works in your favor. We have the inventory to rent disability ramps long-term, and our ramps are properly maintained to ensure proper working order every time.

Contact us to discuss long-term disability ramp rental in Brisbane or the surrounding area. Our goal is to make your event setup and breakdown faster, easier, and safer.