The jolly season is fast approaching and expectations are running high for Christmas events that sparkle.

The best occasions go without a hitch, and it’s the organisers behind these big moments who are often the unsung heroes. Success doesn’t come easy. It takes careful planning and keen attention to detail to make the magic happen.

Ensuring accessibility for all is one of those essentials that should be on every event planner’s checklist. Read on for the event accessibility solutions you need for an extra special and inclusive Christmas event.

An Empathy for Accessibility Needs

Part of the planning process for any event should be the consideration of all those invited. There are likely to be people with differing ability levels that affect how they move around so you must plan for their comfort and accessibility.

Some of your guests may be reliant on a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Others may need a little extra support to maneuver through the venue. The availability of handrails, even on solid ground, can make or break the enjoyment of someone who finds walking a challenge.

It matters to guests with mobility issues that organisers think through potential problems and enlist event accessibility services. It takes away a whole level of stress about how they’ll be able to manage and enjoy the event. That includes having an excellent eyeline to the stage, if there is one. Stages and ramps for events should be right up there on your organiser’s checklist.

The Benefits Of Ramp Hire For Events

Access ramps can make access easier for everyone. They can move people in and out of a venue more quickly. They’ve become a popular choice as they also tend to be a safer option to walk up and down when compared to stairs. Access ramps reduce the risk of slips and trips making your event even safer.

Some Christmas events may also require invitees to come on stage, perhaps to accept an award or make a speech. School prize-giving events or a special corporate event are classic examples of when this might happen.

A portable wheelchair platform acts as a temporary lift that you can position precisely where you need it. It’s possible to adjust the height of these for any particular needs and stage levels.

They’re easy to set up and come with regular plugs that fit into existing power points. The large wheels mean you can move them to where you need them quickly and easily. There’s a shallow ramp for a straightforward approach and entry onto the platform.

No matter how problematic the terrain or how complex the stage arrangement is, Corporate Stage Solutions will find a solution that’s going to impress.

Nothing Beats A High Level of Experience

We’ve developed a high level of trust with our customers over 20 years. We’ve created stages that thrill, built easily accessible tiered seating and conquered the most challenging of settings.

Innovation combined with compliance lies at the heart of what we do. Together with our engineers, we’re proud to have developed our very own equal access ramp system. There’s no longer any need to take risks with inferior products.

We at Corporate Stage Solutions are leaders in our field, always looking for safe, new and exciting event accessibility solutions that will make every occasion memorable. These include the hire of:

  • Safe and reliable portable lifts with easy up & down controls and remote options
  • Quality, compliant, specially designed ramps
  • Stages to match any kind or size of event
  • Dance floors or dance floor refurbishments

How to Plan Event Accessibility Solutions

The earlier you can start preparing for your Christmas event, the better. Make an initial assessment of your chosen venue. Consider where there may be challenges. Start at the entrance and work your way through the location. Here are a few valuable questions to ask:

  • How quickly will guests need to move in and out?
  • Are there any bottlenecks, and are there sufficient handrails?
  • Is the entrance easy to manoeuvre for wheelchair or mobility scooter users?
  • What would be the ideal size and style of stage?
  • Will wheelchair users need to access the stage?

It’s understandable to worry that you might miss an important detail, particularly if you are not used to dealing with accessibility issues. The best course of action is to consult and work with accessibility experts like Corporate Stage Solutions.

They’ll be able to offer advice about what’s going to work best along with workarounds, taking into account their cost-effectiveness and your budget. They have the experience behind them to flag up trouble spots and can help you make a considered risk assessment.

A Customised Event That’s Flexible

One of the secrets to a successful Christmas event is adapting it to suit everyone’s needs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big corporate event, a work party, a special school occasion or a big Christmas bash that requires hiring a dance floor. Everyone needs to feel included and able to contribute equally.

A critical consideration is seating and being able to view the stage and hear what’s being said or sung. You may need to incorporate tiered seating into your plans for optimum lines of sight. You would still need to consider designated wheelchair areas, too. It all helps in setting the tone for the occasion.

The proper seating layout is critical as it plays a crucial role in determining the overall guest experience of an event. Accessibility experts like Corporate Stage Solutions will be able to talk you through all the options.

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