Event planning can take a lot of time and come with a lot of trial and error if you don’t have professional guides providing insight along the way. If your event requires Brisbane stage hire, this is the only guide you will need to check stage hire off your to-do list.

Whether you’re looking for a school stage hire, festival stage hire, or standard event stage hire, everything you need to know to make your final decision is included here. We’ll walk you through every point that you need to consider, utilising our industry expertise to help you make the right decisions.

Let’s get started!

What to Consider Before Selecting a Stage Hire
All stages are about the same, right? Wrong! That’s one of the biggest misconceptions of inexperienced event planners. One stage is not just as good as another when you’re trying to plan a successful event that is safe and professional. In fact, some look more professional than others and some are safer than others too. Some are easily customised to your unique needs while others have limited functionality.

Let’s take a closer look at every factor you should consider before selecting your stage hire. You should know the basic intentions of your event and look at the event space before trying to select a stage. So many of these decisions are rooted in what you need to achieve to make your event a success.

Before you even start shopping for a stage hire, answer some basic questions:

  • How much space is available overall?
  • How much of that space do you want to dedicate to the stage? Keep seating areas, dance floors, walkways, vendors, and other event features in mind. Everything takes up space, and you don’t want your stage to interfere.
  • How many people do you want to have on stage at one time? Think about the equipment you will have on the stage plus decorative items as well. You don’t want cramped quarters on the stage.
  • Where do you want to position the stage? Consider what direction it should face and where you’ll place the seating and walkways.

Your answers to those questions will tell whether you’re looking for a small, medium, or large-sized event hire. Make sure you know the maximum length and width so that your chosen stage fits into the space you have available. Flexible or customisable stages will make it easier to get the right fit.

Close your eyes and envision the perfect stage for your event. Is it a low stage that allows guests to easily step on and off the platform? Or is it a higher, more dramatic stage that requires a stair or ramp entrance?

Beyond your vision for the stage hire, think about how high you want to position your speakers or performers. There’s something magical about a band or singer perched high above the crowd singing into the night. There’s also something practical about a low step that allows speakers and talent to quickly get on and off stage for a fast-moving production.

If you aren’t entirely sure about the height or want a tall stage, go with a multi-level stage hire. This adjustable stage allows you to adjust the height on the spot. It also looks the most professional for a tall stage.  You never have to prop up a platform with bricks or other material. You can use a multi-level design for a variety of event stage hires, and they work well as a festival stage hire.

Make sure you consider safety and accessibility for people with a range of abilities. Even a small step up becomes an obstacle for someone in a wheelchair or using crutches and other walking equipment. The best Brisbane stage hire company should have ramps and other accessories like tiered seating to create the best audience and production experience.

The stage style can make the difference between a mind-blowing event that is easy to kick off and a big inconvenience. Your choices include standard corporate event stage hires, catwalk stage hires, multi-level stage hires, and fashion stage hires.

Fashion stages are often customised to the event, so you can create a unique design if needed. You can use them for a variety of events, so application isn’t limited to fashion shows. For example, some school stage hires are easily accommodated with a long walkway where children can safely line up or walk the stage in front of parents and other loved ones.

Focus on the shape and design of the stage more than what it’s called. What you want to do on the stage should guide your decision here.

This is a concern for every event stage hire. You want something that looks professional and keeps all of your guests safe. Consider the durability of the materials used to create the stage plus how well the stage has been maintained. A Brisbane stage hire assumes that you’re using a stage that has been utilised for many other events, but that doesn’t mean it should come poorly maintained or badly damaged.

Event-Specific Requirements

Some events have specific requirements. For example, marine presentation stage hires should provide easy access to boats and allow for a lot of boats to present in sometimes cramped spaces. Make sure you work with professionals who have significant experience with the stages you need to create. That expertise will make it faster and easier to get the right stage for your event.

Is the stage you want to hire available when you need it? Can you keep it the full length of time required for your event? Also, think about what other equipment you may need to find. If you can get a ramp or dance floor hire from your event stage supplier, then you can save a lot of time and potentially some money.

The budget is last on our list. We know that you’ll have the price tag in mind with every stage you consider. What we don’t want you to do is make your decision primarily on price alone. Consider every other point on this list and then revisit the price. If you don’t get the right stage for your event, then any price is too much.

If you’re ready to find the ultimate Brisbane stage hire for your event, contact Corporate Stage Solutions today.  We’ll help you check stage hire off your list, allowing you to move on to other challenges in event planning.