When style meets practicality! If you’re looking to create an event that’s anything but ordinary, then look no further than a water stage. With a water stage hire, you can add an exciting element of fun and creativity to any event while maximizing space for your guests. Whether you’re hosting a special occasion such as a 21st birthday party, or wedding or just to make your next corporate event stand out from the crowd, a water stage is sure to impress even the toughest of critics.

Make A Lasting Impression

If you’re looking to make your next event Instagram-worthy, you’ve found what you’re looking for. Water stages are the perfect way to make your next event unique and memorable that will make a lasting impression on your guests. Pool stages create a vibe and a buzz about your event that lets your guests know straight away that they are in for a great time.

Water stages are also a perfect way to maximize space for a private indoor or outdoor event whilst providing an eye-catching and exciting platform for your guests to enjoy. You can create a truly unique experience for your guests by allowing them to walk (and dance) on water.

4 Creative Ways To Use Water Stage Hire

If you have the pool, we have the creative solution. Our water stages can be used for a variety of purposes bringing a level of elegance to your party. Your impressive pool cover could act as a dance floor, to display products, a runway, a food station or a platform for the band to jam all night long. The possibilities are endless!

Here are some water stage ideas to get you started:

Make A Dance Floor

Water stages can be used to create a magical dance floor. This is especially useful for weddings and birthday parties where you are looking to maximize both space and impact at your outdoor venue. The stage itself is built to cover the pool with a secure, safe and hard dancefloor that will withstand even the most electric dance moves into the wee hours of the morning.

Corporate events are also a good use of dance floor water stages because they allow your employees (or clients) to interact with each other in a fun way that doesn’t feel like work but instead makes them feel like they’re on vacation with no expenses spared.

The materials for your water stage can be selected upon order. You can choose a solid colour platform or a clear or frosted platform allowing your guests to see the water under their feet for a truly unique experience. We at Corporate Stage Solutions love creating custom designs for even the most challenging of spaces.

Showcase Staging

Whether your promotional event is for an exciting new product launch or showcasing your company’s top products, the impact of your showcase on a water stage will leave a lasting impression on your clients. Set yourself apart from the competition and elevate your brand with a top-tier event that sends the right message to your clients.

Food and Drink Station

Food and drinks are arguably the most crucial element of any successful event. The longest-lasting impressions are created through our senses so engaging your taste, smell and sight with delicious food and drinks on a picturesque platform is a winning combination for making an impact that lasts.

Ensuring your food and drinks are drool-worthy and in abundance is a top priority. Your next task is to deliver your food and drinks memorably, so why not include a water stage hire? Whether it is for a corporate event, a wedding or a 21st birthday party, a water stage sets your event apart from the rest. We at Corporate Stage Solutions make safety our priority so you can feast all night long knowing your guests are safe and secure on your water stage hire.

A Runway

Fashion shows are creative events whereby all stops must be pulled to engage your audience quickly. Having your models make a grand entrance on a water stage creates a stunning runway to showcase the latest fashions at your event. Whether you are showcasing your designs, or someone else’s, or if you are simply providing entertainment, the water stage elevates your brand and compliments the designs with a sophisticated runway. Now that is Instagram-worthy!

Host The Band

Hiring a terrific band is another essential for a successful and memorable event- especially for weddings! Music plays to one of our more powerful senses that fosters an emotional connection with a moment that will create a memory to last a lifetime. Regardless of what environment you’re looking to create, hosting a band on a water stage will never be a miss. Our structures are solid, safe and durable making even a five-piece band feel at home.

From food and drink stations to dance floors, there are so many ways you can use water stage hire to enhance your next party or event. Corporate Stage is the Brisbane event specialists who you can trust. Trusted by Brisbane City Council, we can help you create the event of your dreams. Get in touch with us today!