Planning an event involves many important decisions, but one of the most critical is choosing the best stage for your event. The stage you choose serves an important role at your event, providing a platform for the performers and a backdrop for the audience. It sets the tone of your event.

Whether you’re organizing a corporate event or a festival, choosing the best stage for your unique event is essential in creating a successful and memorable experience for your guests. Read on as we will provide some tips and considerations to help you choose the best stage for your next event.

What Type Of Event Are You Planning?

The first step in how to choose the best stage is to establish the purpose of your event. The type of stage you choose is dependent on the event you’re organizing. If you’re planning a corporate event and looking to achieve a big impact, a multilevel stage might be the best stage for your event.

However, if you’re organizing a festival, you will need a larger multilevel stage with lighting and sound to create a big impact. Similarly, a fashion stage will require lighting and sound along with a long runway for the models to show off the latest fashion.

What Is Your Stage Being Used For?

One of the more important factors in choosing the best stage for your event is ensuring your stage will meet safety requirements. Will you have a large number of performers on stage at the same time? Will there be a large band with multiple pieces of equipment? You will need to consider the appropriate dimensions and weight requirements to host your performers safely. Safety needs to come first every single time.

Do You Have Any Technical Requirements?

To choose the best stage for your event, another essential factor for consideration is the technical requirements. If you’re hosting a fashion show or Christmas event, you will need excellent sound and lighting capabilities that will be conducive to your event. The stage should be equipped with speakers, microphones, amplifiers, and other audio-visual equipment to ensure that the performers are heard clearly. The lighting should be customized to showcase the performers on stage to create an engaging and dynamic atmosphere for your guests.

Design To You Budget

Your budget is another critical consideration. The cost of the stage will depend on its size, technical requirements, and other features unique to your event. If you are looking for a unique stage like a water or pool stage, ensure your budget will cover the design to make your vision a reality.

Do You Need Seating?

Will your guests be sitting down or dancing? The seating arrangement is another important factor. In a typical venue, the stage is at one end of the venue and the audience faces it from the opposite end.

In some events, the stage may be set in the middle of the room or at an angle. Depending on the seating arrangement, the stage may need to be a multilevel stage, positioned in the centre of the venue to ensure that all audience members have a clear view of the stage.

This is the time to consider what type of seating you need for your guests. If it is a large event like a graduation, tiered seating may be the best option as it allows every guest to have uninterrupted views of the stage. After all, no one wants to miss their graduate’s big moment of walking across the stage!

Do You Have Any Venue Restrictions?

To choose the best stage, it’s crucial to check with the management of your venue to determine any restrictions or requirements regarding the setup. Venues may have rules on the size and weight of the stage and other technical requirements. These restrictions may affect the choice of stage, and ignoring them could lead to delays and additional expenses.

Furthermore, you will also need to take into consideration an evacuation plan that works with the emergency exits at your event. The safety of your talent and your guests is paramount to the success of your event. You need to plan for the unexpected.

Consider The Location Of The Stage 

Where your stage is best suited is a vital consideration when choosing the right stage. You need to measure the size of the venue and factor in the location of the seating, the speaker system, lighting capabilities and other equipment to best determine the size and location of your stage. The stage should not obstruct the audience’s view and there should be enough space for the performers to move around freely.

Will the ground be level where the stage will be assembled? If so, an uneven terrain stage is the best option for you. If your event is in Brisbane, Corporate Stage Solutions is your point of call. We excel with building stages in unique locations with our adjustable uneven terrain staging system.

Choosing experts such as Corporate Stage Solutions will assist you when selecting the best location and size of the stage for your event. Our team of experienced professionals are flexible with last-minute changes. We work with you to provide the best experience for your guests and to make your stage hire experience as stress-free as possible. We believe you have bigger things to worry about.

The Space Considerations Of The Venue

Another important factor when choosing the best stage is the size of the venue. The stage you hire should be proportionate to the space of your venue and the number of guests that will be attending your event. For example, if you’re hosting an intimate event with a small audience, a large stage may feel overwhelming in the space and will be disconnected from the ambience you’re looking to create. On the other hand, if you’re organizing a festival within a large area, a small stage will be out of place and the guests may feel underwhelmed.

Whether your event is large or small, choosing the right stage is imperative to the experience of your guests and the impact your event is creating. If you are hosting an event in Brisbane this year, contact us at Corporate Stage Solutions. We are a trusted stage hire company to Brisbane City Council and we can help you meet the vision of your event.