When it comes to custom staging you want an aesthetic design that is both functional and catches the eye. Therefore, you need the right elements to make that possible. Glass balustrades are perfect for custom stage solutions for events and brand activations.

Why are balustrades needed when hiring a stage?
Building custom stage with height always involves a risk factor for people who will be using it. Therefore we try to minimise the risk as much as possible for clients and their guests with safety balustrades.
Balustrades are a necessity with any stage or ramp hire that is built at a height as it protects people from an accidental fall. Balustrades help prevent serious injury and allows guests to enjoy an event in a safe and secure environment.

Traditional balustrades vs glass balustrade Hire
Traditional metal balustrades have been around for decades protecting people, sectioning off stage access, crowd control, and creating public barriers.  However, despite their sturdiness, they have never been the best aesthetic part of any event. They can even hinder the guests view depending on where and how they are installed at an event.

Glass balustrades have become increasingly popular due to their amazing aesthetics and functionality at all types of events. They are strong and protect guests using custom staging while also offering an uninterrupted view of what is happening so no one misses a beat.

Glass balustrade hire – A classy alternative
Corporate Stage incorporates both traditional and glass balustrades in our custom stage options. For more prestigious events our glass balustrades are the classy alternative that provide safety as well as a great view of the surrounding area.
Our glass balustrades are perfect with custom staging for weddings, private functions, sports events, presentations and so much more.

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