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Some Of Our Most Frequently Asked
Stage Hire Questions

Are you a dry hire stage company?

We take all the hard work and worry out of the delivery and set up process. No need for tools and trucks, we manage it all for you in in our hire fee. In some instances, this means FREE delivery and set up. We can dry hire in some circumstances, please contact us for more information.

I want to set the stage up outside on a slope is this possible?

Glad you asked, sloping ground stage setups is our specialty. For over 20 years we have been the absolute leader in supplying safe and simple solutions for uneven terrain, sensitive surfaces, existing structures, over water and awkward locations. Our unique product has been finely tuned with micro adjustment for this purpose. No milk crates, plywood and packers like our competitors, our fully insured, safe, integrated and engineered stage proprietary stage system is purposed built to supply level platforms to all sloped and challenging locations. Our web site has many examples of challenging locations where great results have been achieved. Check them out in Uneven terrain staging.

Can I pick up dance floors myself?

You can, but why would you when we can deliver and install (often for FREE) so you can save time on all the other event tasks that need to be managed. Take the liability and risk out of your already hectic and busy event and leave it to us to setup the perfect dance floor for your event.

What finishes do your dance floors come in?

We have many types of dance floors for hire and sale. Whether it’s for a wedding, event, large function or one night hire we have everything from solid timber American Oak Parquetry, solid black, solid white, black and white chequered and the latest high gloss acrylic in 30 colours.Corporate Stage Solutions are also the only supplier of our latest and unique product the custom shape and design dance floor. Our latest acrylic dance floors will simply create Instagram envy for your next event. That’s right, a completely unique and custom acrylic dance floor. Simply pick a shape, design and colour and we can custom build a floor to suit. Round dance floors, diamonds and ovals are right on trend at the moment. Get on board the custom dance floor revolution at your wedding or corporate event.

What stage material do you use?

We have our very successful and proprietary non-slip stage coating, Thermogrip. This coating is a very effective and durable surface preferred by our major clients and venues. It’s a matt textured finish offers superb acoustic qualities, is excellent for indoor and outdoor use with very high wear and durability rating. Thermogrip surface has been tested against the very rigorous Australian standards to obtain a safe and compliant non-slip rating.

Are your stages suitable for concerts and music equipment?

Sure are!
With many major Australian performances, concerts and touring acts under our belt Corporate Stage are now the preferred supplier for this premium stage system. With the largest stock in Australia for hire, we have the capacity to complete several large installs simultaneously. So no matter how big your musical extravaganza or live concert we have the best portable stage solution for you.

Can I screw anything into the stage?

Yes, in certain circumstances we can supply a staging system that will allow you to fix sets and apply hard fascia to the stage. Please talk to your installers before making any adjustments so we can ensure the appropriate level of safety at all times.

How do I work out what size stage I need?

Simple, generally our modules are the industry standard size of 1.22 x 2.44 (8 foot by 4 foot) we also custom build to suit any stage sizes in between. You can simply pick a rough size or call us with an estimate of the event size and we will work it out for you. We have been in this industry and we know portable staging inside and out, we can tell you what you need, what you don’t and add-ons that you may not have thought about.

Can I buy staging equipment from you?

Yes, we do have some great options here from ex-rental stages to new stage systems. We have every budget covered however if you are after a long term use it can be beneficial to work out a long term lease with us instead.

Do your Ramps and Stages comply with current safety requirements?

Absolutely and 100%. We are THE ONLY Company with full compliance. We welcome your access consultant, certifier or engineer to test and inspect our compliance. Safety is an area we have really focussed on in the last 10 years, in this litigious and rigorously monitored environment of equal access we have been well ahead of the competition. Working with our consultants and engineers we have fully portable and compliant modular ramp systems to suit any space.

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Will you do a complete setup and installation of all hire equipment?

Yes, we always offer this service with all of our hires. We can then take total responsibility for the complete hire., No grey areas of responsibility, no risk, guaranteed. We can set up tiered seating, portable stages, access ramps, concert staging, dance floors and runways…. you name it we have it available.

How long can I hire your equipment for?

Any length of time. We have current installs from hours to semi-permanent. Some of the installs sit in situ on an annual basis. We can work with any budget and provide cost-effective short and long term hire solutions. We understand cash flow is a critical part of any event and intimately work with our customers on this. So you are getting the best deal around.

Do you hire dance floors for weddings?

We have been hiring wedding dance floors for over 20 years. We have the largest dance floor stock in Australia, we have a huge capacity to offer multiple dance floors installs on the same date. Our product range and quantity of dance floors is so wide we effectively have enough stock on hand to offer approx. 30 average weddings simultaneously.
Our dance floors also come in loads of different options to suit your style, theme and budget. We have solid timber American Oak Parquetry, solid black, solid white, black and white chequered and the latest high gloss acrylic in 30 colours.

Do you provide short term hire?

Yes, we provide short term hire, in fact, our shortest term hire to date has been just half an hour.

Can you do a measure and hire quotes?

Yes, we often recommend a measure and quote, this way you can hire what you need and leave out what you don’t. Don’t stress about getting it right, leave it to us with our vast experience and knowledge. Often we come up with a creative or alternate solution once we see the site. Quite often we have arrived on site and informed the client their event is on a pretty heavy slope and have offered alternatives to keep everyone upright. Slopes can be tricky, what doesn’t seem like much can mean people falling over if not planned right, sloping terrain is one of our specialties.

Are delivery and installation included in the price?

Delivery and installation are always included. Our equipment is regarded as the best quality event hire equipment in the industry. This is because we install, transport and maintain our equipment ourselves keeping the quality to a very high standard for each and every hire.

What happens if we damage a ramp or stage during the hire?

As with anything in life accidents happen. We have a great reputation and policy of understanding this.

Do you rent crowd control barriers for stages?

We can certainly arrange this for you or at least point you in the right direction. We have a great network in the event hire industry and can get some great deals for our clients.

Are the wheelchair and all access ramps non-slip?

Absolutely, all of our ramps have been tested to meet the Australian standards and obtained a wet and dry non-slip rating. You can rest easy knowing that our ramps are the safest in the industry and there is no fear of them becoming slippy in high traffic or wet areas. This is especially important if you are hiring staging with wheelchair access lifts and ramps.

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Corporate Stage Solutions have been supplying staging, dance floors, tiered seating and access ramps to the entertainment and event industry since 1998. It is our vision not only to remain market leaders but to be innovators in the stage industry. We are constantly refining, advancing, developing and introducing new products and ideas for both hire and sale.

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