Your wedding day is one of the most exciting events in your life, and one of the best parts of it is dancing the night away. This article will provide you with some insight into the endless wedding dance floor hire options that are available from Corporate Stage Solutions.

Keep reading to learn how we can help you set the stage for the perfect wedding day!

Custom Acrylic Flooring
To ensure that your wedding guests get out on the dance floor and have a good time, we offer custom acrylic flooring in a wide variety of shapes and colours.

Custom acrylic flooring is both durable and reliable, and we can even customise it to match the interior of your venue or wedding theme colours. Whether you’re looking for a solid black base or a modern glossy pattern, we’re here to make your dance floor look exciting and enticing!

If you can’t decide on a theme or colour palette, we’ll walk you through our options and help you decide on the perfect solution for your dance floor hire. We can even mix and match options to help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for.

Our custom acrylic floors can be used over any flat surface, so you can create virtually any shape to dance on that you want. Even though acrylic dance floors appear glossy, they actually have non-slip properties so that your guests can safely dance the night away. We even offer our customers the option of creating a multi-tiered dance floor thanks to our portable staging solutions. Tiered dance floors really look so unique and are a great way to make your wedding reception an event to remember for you and your guests.

Keep the Party Going Outside
If you’re getting married at an outdoor venue, there may not be a pre-existing dance floor to suit your needs. At Corporate Stage Solutions, we can create, deliver, and install a safe and sturdy outdoor dance floor so that you and your guests can enjoy the scenery and the festivities at the same time.

Choose between a classic timber American Oak dance floor, high gloss checkerboard, or design your own style, regardless of your choice we’re confident our dance floors will help keep the party going – even if it’s outside!

Want To Dance On Water?
Does your venue have a pool or a lake feature? If so, how cool would it be if you could have your guests dance on water?

Well…with our wedding dance floor hire, you can do just that! Our expert team of designers and installers can help you design a water dance floor that will have your guests dancing on water the whole night long!

Safety is our top priority, and we ensure that our expert team erects the pool stages to the recommend Australian standards. When you hire a water dance floor with us you can rest assured, they are safe, sturdy, and well secured for you and your guests. If you are ready to walk on water, give us a call so that we can help make this part of your dream wedding a reality.

Let Corporate Stage Solutions Bring Your Wedding To Life!
Having the right wedding dance floor hire can make all the difference on your big day, so let Corporate Stage Solutions customise the perfect dance floor for your wedding.

We have more than 20 years of experience supplying everything from dance floors and staging to tiered seating and ramps across Brisbane the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. We are the market leaders because we continue to find innovative and exciting new staging solutions and products for our customers.

Our top priority is customer satisfaction, which is why we’ll work alongside you to help make your dream wedding a reality. We guarantee that our dance floors are not only competitive in price, but the creative possibilities are truly endless.

Make your wedding day one to remember with dance floor hire from Corporate Stage Solutions.

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