Our social lives are a crucial part of living, and the experiences we share with the people in our circles are the most memorable events. That’s why communities are organising exciting festivals as a way of bringing people together to celebrate.

Various factors will determine the success of a festival, but the staging you choose will determine your event’s overall look and feel. Therefore, you must get it right.

In this detailed guide, you’ll learn the ins and outs of successful festival staging and how to get reputable festival stage hire professionals to deliver the best experience.

What Are the Available Stage Types?
What type of stage do you have in mind? This should be the first consideration to have in mind when looking for a festival stage. Generally, festival stage hire companies offer the following categories:

Modular Stage Panels
This versatile staging option lets you adapt your stage system’s shape, size, and height layout. It’s affordable, easy to set up, and portable. There are two types of modular stage decks:

  • Wooden with metal frames –  These are common for almost every stage except the mobile ones with built-in stage flour. Still, you can use them to add wings to the mobile stage or extend its
  • Aluminium frame deck – This is relatively sturdier and more durable than its wooden counterpart. It is primarily used in events requiring a quality look and feel or for outdoor applications.

Mobile Stages
This stage is popular thanks to its excellent stability even during inclement weather and its ability to be built faster and efficiently. Organisers of all sizes of festivals and events are quickly turning to them as their preferred staging.

Scaffolding Stages
Event planners prefer scaffolding stages due to their adaptability and stability. Their construction comprises a tarp, metal, or wooden roof, and their sizes may vary from 6 – 12 meters wide.

Aluminium Stages
This stage delivers a nice feel and look using an aluminium truss with a tarp or canvas roof. They come in various sizes and can withstand substantial wind loads.

Steel Stages
This heavy-duty staging is ideal for large-scale festivals and events where performers require at least t of stage width and sufficient rigging capacity to meet the requirements of most A-list acts.

Which Are the Most Common Festival Stage Sizes?
The size of your stage is a crucial consideration you must discuss with your festival stage hire company. Generally, the performer’s calibre and the number of people you expect will determine the stage size you choose.

Here are the most commonly preferred stages:

7 x 6 Meters
This size is ideal for block parties, street fairs, fundraisers, local events, rallies, outdoor runs, and more. It can sustain up to 362kg of audio on either side and has a roof height of up to 4.5 meters. Furthermore, there’s no ballast obstruction on the sides, so you can park the sides with tour buses or vendors.

Planning to set up your stage on a two-lane street and not block the sidewalk? No problem with this size!

10 x 7 Meters
This is among the most common choices for numerous major events. It can hold around 2,000 kg of audio on either side, and its roof capacity is 8390 kg, with a roof height of up to 18 feet. What’s more, it has room for additional decking to boost the performance area to almost 10 x10 meters.

12 x 12 Meters
This massive staging can host larger events. It requires up to three hours’ setup time and six technicians.

Moreover, the stage has a maximum roof height of 7.6 meters, 11793 kg of roofing capacity, and 24 rigging points.

Max Sized-Stages
These most prominent stages are designed for production professionals and can deal with the most demanding outdoor production. Most of the stages in this category come with over 68946 kg of rigging capacity.

Still unsure about the right stage size for your event? Worry not! Partnering with the right festival stage hire company will relieve you from the struggle, and the experts will guide you aptly.

Essential Considerations When Looking for The Right Stage
So what do you need your stage hire to deliver? Whether you’re looking for a small 7 x 6 meter bandstand or a massive festival stage, numerous considerations will determine your decisions. Here are the primary ones:

Artist Selection and Their Requirements
You’ve planned your event and invited the most famous artists to grace the day. You cannot afford to spoil the experience by failing to meet the requirements of the performing artist. So make sure you consult with the expected performers to understand their requirements and then discuss the details with your stage hire agency. 

Size of Your Event
Generally, the more the expected attendees, the larger your stage should be. But there are always some exceptions. You may want to use several smaller stages strategically-positioned to address thousands of revelers. Some event planners prefer the singular, imposing focal point to deliver unobstructed views.

Generally, the focus is less on the anticipated audience size and more on your performer’s requirements.

Time and Cost to Build and Strike
Building a mobile stage will require less time, hence relatively cheaper. But if you’re planning to use a scalable or modular stage, you’ll spend more time and money.

Event Type
If you’re organising a full-blown festival where several performers share the stage, you should opt for the most prominent varieties. You’ll also consider large-scale event requirements like backstage areas, off-stage technical spaces, parking areas, hospitality areas, storage, and access points.

The Event’s General Look and Feel
You can go for steel staging to achieve a big and bold look. But if you go for a small mobile stage and add wings and banners, you’ll achieve virtually the same impact level.

Your Venue or Event Location
Do you have an even and flat ground to use? How much space is available for the stage? What will the area look like when you include the audience?

Thoroughly assess the venue before deciding on the right stage. Your Brisbane stage hire company will likely accompany you to the venue to help with this decision.

Let A Reputable Festival Stage Hire Company Help
A reliable Brisbane stage hire company will relieve you of the stress of choosing the correct staging and setting it up for a successful festival. Instead, you’ll focus on the core business – the event. Fortunately, you’re on the right website.

At Corporate Stage Solutions, we constantly develop, advance, and refine our ideas and products for hire and sale. So reach out if you need stage hire services in Brisbane.