When it comes to hosting large outdoor events, one of the most critical elements that can make or break your event is the stage. The stage at any event serves as the centrepiece. It is the space where performers shine, speakers inspire, and audiences are able to be captivated. Outdoor event staging can be challenging. Ensuring you choose the right stage for your outdoor event is not just about matching the right look with the event but also taking into account the safety and functionality of your stage for its overall success.

Read on as we dive into the factors that event planners must consider when selecting the perfect stage for large outdoor events. We’ll also discuss the impact of the weather, the importance of the event’s location, the size of the audience, and the type of event you are hosting. We’ll also look at various types of outdoor stages and dive into the technical and safety considerations that are crucial for a seamless and safe event.

Factors to Consider For Outdoor Event Staging

Weather Conditions

We are fortunate here in Brisbane to live in one of the greatest climates in the world. We are blessed with warm weather and seemingly endless sunshine which bodes well for hosting outdoor events year-round. However, our weather can be unpredictable, and its impact on outdoor events cannot be underestimated. Heavy rain, wind, or extreme heat can turn an unforgettable event into a logistical nightmare. Here are some key points to keep in mind when dealing with weather conditions:

  1. The Impact of Weather on Outdoor Events: Weather can affect your outdoor event greatly—the effects to consider range from the safety of your performers to the comfort of your attendees. An extreme heatwave can cause discomfort to your guests and even worse, heatstroke. A significant rain event can damage equipment and pose safety concerns.
  2. How To Manage Different Weather Scenarios: As always, it’s best to be prepared for all weather events. Ensure you have contingency plans for rain, wind, or extreme heat. You should consider shade options, rain covers, and equipment that can withstand the elements.
  3. The Importance of Covered Stages and Backup Plans: Covered stages protect against the elements and can keep your large outdoor event on track even in inclement weather. Always have a backup plan in case the weather takes an unexpected turn.

Choose Your Brisbane Location Wisely

The location of your outdoor event plays a crucial role in your portable stage selection. Whether your event is in the city centre hosted by Brisbane City Council or in the outskirts of the city, each comes with its unique challenges and opportunities:

  1. The Importance of Event Location in Large Portable Stage Selection: The geographical location, such as a city park like the Botanical Gardens or in a remote country setting, can impact the logistics of the portable stage setup, accessibility, and even the available power sources.
  2. Considerations for City and Country Settings: Both locations pose their own set of challenges. A city location might have limited space or stricter noise regulations, while country settings could lack infrastructure. These considerations must be taken into account when outdoor event staging is at play.
  3. Accessibility and Logistics for Stage Setup: Ensure that your event location can accommodate the stage and other necessary infrastructure, such as access to power and facilities for your performers and guests. Accessibility and comfort for all attendees is essential for a successful outdoor event. You must factor in all access ramp hire for your large portable stage. Furthermore, you will need to assess the accessibility for your guests with mobility needs. Event accessibility solutions are a crucial element of your planning process.

The Size Of Your Audience and The Type Of Your Outdoor Event

The size of your audience and the type of event you’re hosting play a vital role in determining the right large stage for your outdoor event:

  1. Audience Size Influences Stage Choice: Larger audiences require larger stages to ensure your guests have a good view and good sound quality so they remain captivated by your impressive lineup of talent.
  2. Different Stages for Different Event Types: Consider the purpose of your event. If you are planning a large Christmas event similar to Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols, the ideal large portable stage for your event will differ from the stage required for outdoor events such as music festivals.
  3. Seating Arrangements and Sightlines for Audience Comfort: Ensure that your stage design allows for comfortable seating and optimal views from all areas. When considering views, you must also look at your seating arrangement and if tiered seating is optimal for your outdoor event.

Large Portable Stages For Outdoor Event Staging

When planning your large outdoor event, portable stages are the ace up your sleeve. They are versatile and suitable for a wide range of outdoor events and are customisable to your event’s needs. Some of their advantages include:

  1. They are portable and easy to set up, and on-site adjustments through a professional and experienced team such as Corporate Stage Solutions make them an ideal solution.
  2. Portable outdoor stages are ideal for events with tight schedules that require a quick setup and pack-down once the event has finished.
  3.  Portable stages allow for flexibility which can optimize the space while integrating lighting and sound, and ensuring safety with stable footing.

Safety and Compliance 

When considering your outdoor event staging, ensuring the safety of performers, and attendees and compliance with regulations is paramount. This is why it is crucial to engage with a trusted Brisbane City Council partner such as Corporate Stage SolutionsWith their years of experience in thousands of successful events such as Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols, they make a reliable partner for ensuring the success of large outdoor events.

Corporate Stage Solutions has a proven track record in event planning and stage setup with their extensive experience ensuring that your event runs smoothly from start to finish with safety being paramount. We take the appropriate steps to provide you and us with peace of mind. These steps include:

  • Well maintained safe and strong equipment
  • Well-trained professional and specializing installers
  • A well-refined safety management plan
  • Products that are 100% Australian made
  • Products that are engineered and tested to the Australian standards
  • Products that are backed by a quality Australian 20,000,000 dollar public liability policy

Trust Corporate Stage Solutions With Your Event Needs

Our team have experienced it all. Our expert team can guide you through the planning process of stage selection, including considerations for weather, location, and audience size while keeping the safety of your event at the forefront. We offer tailored solutions for various event types which ensures your stage meets the needs of your event.

Choosing the right stage for large outdoor events requires careful planning, technical expertise, and an understanding of the specific needs of your event. Corporate Stage Solutions provides you with assurance that your event will be a memorable and seamless experience for all performers and guests. So, whether you’re planning an outdoor concert, an end-of-year corporate event, or a festival, consult with experts at Corporate Stage Solutions for a successful outdoor event staging experience.

*photo courtesy of Brisbane City Council