Are you preparing for a trade show or Expo? If so, consider investing in branded exhibition flooring. Branded exhibition flooring is the perfect solution to show off your company and create unique advertising opportunities. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting opportunity to showcase your business.

What is Branded Flooring?
So, what is branded flooring?

Branded flooring refers to custom-designed floors that include your branding or company graphics. They provide a versatile advertising opportunity that works exceptionally well for trade shows and expos.

Acrylic floors with custom graphics can be used on almost any flat surface. This includes everything from tile and concrete to laminated floors. Since they are sturdy, resistant and hardwearing, branded flooring can also be used both indoors and outdoors.

Most companies use this type of branded exhibition flooring as a dynamic form of advertising during events. Branded flooring can be used to promote limited-time offers or simply display information about your brand.

Types of Branded Flooring
We offer two types of branded floors: custom acrylic floors and carpet tiles.

Custom Acrylic Floors

Our custom acrylic floors are the best choice for branded expo flooring. They are durable and robust, and very easy to maintain making them perfect for high traffic areas. Whether you need to display your company logo or directions across the trade show, these elegant floors are the perfect choice to add something new to your marketing mix.

Our acrylic floors come in 30 different colours, so let your imagination go, as you get busy creating the perfect customised branded flooring for your business.

Custom Carpet Tiles

Another trade show flooring option we offer is custom carpet tiles. We can provide you with large rolls of carpet in a wide variety of colours so that your branded expo stall will stand out from the competition.

Custom carpet tiles can lay directly over any flat surface, making it a great temporary replacement flooring solution. Carpet tiles are made of highly resistant material so you can confidently display your company colours in even the most challenging of environments!

Benefits of Branded Flooring
So, what are the benefits of branded flooring?

Branded floors are perfect for catching your customers’ attention, directing them through your stand and saving advertising space!

Catch Your Customers’ Attention

If you’re looking for a creative way to catch the attention of customers at a trade show, look no further than branded exhibition flooring. You can use these floors to display your company slogan, brand logos, or other important marketing messages. We suggest you place your branded flooring in a prominent position to really maximise its effect.

Direct Visitors Through Your Booth

Another benefit of branded flooring is that it gives you the ability to direct customers through your space. Get creative with arrows and other marketing so that you can control the flow of their experience at your exhibit!

Space Saving Advertising

A unique benefit of branded expo flooring is that it can help you save space in your booth without having to sacrifice your advertising efforts.

Traditional banners and posters can take up space and make your booth feel cluttered and small. They can also obstruct traffic to your exhibit. However, with branded flooring, vertical space is a non-issue!

Corporate Stage Solutions Is Here to Help!
If you’re ready to invest in a branded flooring solution for your next expo or trade show, Corporate Stage Solutions is here to help!

We offer the best-branded flooring solutions in the industry; with over 30 different colours to choose from we have variety covered allowing you to bring your vision to life!

Our custom flooring is easy to install, nonslip and durable while still looking glossy and stylish!

Want to find out more about how you can order your branded flooring for your next expo? Contact us today!