Brisbane ramp hire is the perfect solution for all of your end-of-year events. You may be wondering why you need a ramp hire, and if they have other uses besides access ramps. This guide will answer those questions, as well as why you should trust Corporate Stage Solutions as your Brisbane ramp hire provider.

What can You Use a Ramp Hire For?
When you think about Brisbane ramp hire, you immediately might think about a ramp used for wheelchair or mobility access. Although this is definitely something our access ramps can be used for, it’s not their sole purpose.

You can utilise ramp hire for almost any event you are hosting that includes a stage or tiered seating. Think about all of the formal awards nights that require a host to call individuals up onto a stage – how will they go from the stands to the stage without ramp access?

In other words, you can use ramp hire to support a concert, play, or another large event that requires a staging set up.

Portable Stages in Combination
Brisbane ramp hire can also be done in combination with portable stage hire. We can provide a wide variety of portable staging arrangements so that you can optimise the layout of your event.

For a formal awards ceremony, it may make sense to have a large center stage with two access ramps on either side. This setup would allow the winners to enter the stage from both sides so that they could walk to the access ramp closest to where they were sitting.

On the other hand, you may not want a visible access ramp in the front of your stage for a play. In this case, it would make the most sense to have access ramps hidden behind the curtains so that the audience members don’t see them.

As you can imagine, there are so many different variations of how you could set up your access ramps in combination with a portable stage!

Closed Event Centres? No Problem!
The global COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately caused many function centers to close down. This means that the usual options you would have for hosting your events may be closed or limited – but you can’t just cancel all of your events like graduation, or the school concerts that your students have worked so hard on!

This is where Brisbane ramp hire for events comes in handy. You can easily host your special event in-house, and we can provide you with the staging solutions – along with the ramps, needed for the event. As a result, you can keep your events going as scheduled!

Host your awards ceremony to celebrate the hard work your students have undertaken throughout the term and give them the chance to walk up the ramp and across the stage to receive the recognition they rightfully deserve.

Trust Corporate Stage Solutions for all of your Ramp Hire Needs
Do you have an awards ceremony, concert, or stage production coming up? Trust Corporate Stage Solutions to provide you with Brisbane ramp hire so your big event can go off without a hitch!

We have been supplying access ramps in the event and entertainment industry for over 20 years, making us one of the top market leaders. However, we are not content with simply leading the industry – our goal is to continuously innovate, refine, and advance our products so that our customers have access to the best Brisbane ramp hire available.

Contact us today to book an access ramp for your 2021 event!