Corporate event planning is not for the faint-hearted. It takes precise organisation with keen attention to detail. The best way to ensure you don’t miss a trick is to create an event planning checklist.

You should use and adapt your template for future events and learn from what worked and what didn’t. Many event planners are perfectionists. A mistake in seating hire or inappropriate stage hire can feel like the end of the world.

It helps to have all the finer points written down, so read on for the ultimate corporate event planning checklist that’ll keep you on track.

Pre-Event Planning

You’ll never be running a big event single-handedly. Even if you’re the only planner, you’ll still have to work with contractors and suppliers. Be prepared to delegate and listen to what others involved in the event tell you are their priorities.

Before you get started, define your objectives. Establish the purpose of the event and identify the target audience. Get to know the various stakeholders and find out how they envisage the event. Establishing a budget is vital. It’s your key to managing the expectations of others.

Once you have a clear picture of what the event will look like, everything will fall into place. You can then focus on the date, venue and theme and begin drawing up a guest list. At this point, you will have answered these questions:

  • What is the purpose of the event?
  • Who are the main players, and what are their expectations?
  • What is the budget?
  • When and where will the event take place?
  • Who are the star guests?

Coordination with Vendors

You may have found your ideal venue, but you will still need to kit it out properly. Here are a few essentials to consider:

These are the bare bones, but you should consider contracting with experts like Corporate Stage Solutions. Apart from supplying safe and sturdy equipment, they can give you a wealth of ideas that could make your event truly special.

For example, they can provide pool stage hire so that key players at your event appear to walk on water. They’re experts in vehicle presentation, catwalks, boat staging and multi-level stage hire. They’ll work with you to find a solution so that you can lift your event to the next level and turn your vision into reality.

Next, calculate the number of seats your guests will need. Will you require tiered seating? Again, Corporate Stage Solutions can discuss details like seat hire with you and devise a bespoke solution.

Dancefloor Hire

Dancing is an integral component of many events, and it’s worth investing time considering how you could go the extra mile and turn the tunes up a notch.

Corporate Stage Solutions offers a range of completely custom acrylic dance floors, now in an amazing thirty different colours. This is dancefloor hire with a difference, making an event the ideal place for a bit of Dad-dancing or to practise those moves like Jagger.

Caterers, Audio-Visual Providers and Entertainment

Research potential caterers carefully. Food and drink can so easily make or break the memories guests take home from an event. Less tends to be more, so go for quality over quantity.

Discuss and nail down catering timings and service. Consider if there’s a way to minimise queuing or to get people served quickly. Confirm final catering numbers and dietary requirements. Work out arrangements for staff, crew and VIP catering.

AV technology is key to lifting events to the next level. Talk to providers about:

  • Enhanced sound and lighting
  • AV displays of corporate signage or videos
  • Interactive technology to promote products

Go for entertainment that matches the audience profile. Be clear about the event’s requirements, specifics and expectations. Discuss filming and photo opportunities. Sign contracts and book travel and accommodation.

Book and Confirm

You must feel confident about the contractors you enlist for your event. The process involved in outsourcing includes:

  • Consulting with stakeholders and researching options
  • Discussing price and payment deadlines with selected contractors
  • Getting guarantees of service
  • Agreeing on exact times and dates
  • Agreements on deadlines for the dismantling and removal of equipment

Here’s a checklist of your key contractors:

  • Seat hire, dancefloor hire and stage hire
  • AV solutions for enhanced sound and lighting displays
  • Catering, transport and accommodation providers
  • Entertainment agents

Logistics and On-the-Day Operations

Create an event timeline and realistic schedule for the days running up to the event and for the big day itself. You may need a timeline for each component of the event, from catering to parking.

Ensure you have sufficient staff and security personnel. Have a breakdown of parking requirements and any special transportation needs.

Communicate the parking and transport logistics with attendees well in advance. Pay particular attention to those with special needs who may require extra help and support.

Marketing and Promotion

Corporate events are opportunities to ramp up your marketing strategy. Take advantage of the direct contact you will have with attendees by developing branded materials you can display, hand out or mail electronically.

Invites and managing RSVPs and registration are event-critical, but they also offer a natural chance to engage with attendees. Here are some marketing tips:

  • Set targets in terms of registration numbers and new social media followers
  • Check your preferred hashtag is available for your event
  • Create social media profiles for the event
  • Ensure links, bios and images are fresh and up-to-date
  • Run competitions if appropriate
  • Create tweets so that partners can share content more easily
  • Hire a videographer to capture the event for future promotion
  • Take care of any necessary disclaimers or permissions you need
  • Work up a press release

Brisbane’s Best Corporate Event Planning!

Your event planning checklist should be flexible and change over time. It is invaluable to review the degree of success after an event. You should feed what you learn back into your corporate event planning strategy for the future.

Check out the range of services offered by Corporate Stage Solutions. Get in touch today and tick off stage, dancefloor and seating hire straight away for your next event!